US authorities demanded that Voyager Delete FDIC deposits – Datona Solutions LLC

US authorities demanded that Voyager Delete FDIC deposits

US authorities demanded that Voyager Delete FDIC deposits

US authorities demanded that Voyager Delete FDIC deposits

The Fed and FDIC sent a letter to Voyager Digital, which demanded within 10 days to provide a complete list of all statements regarding the insurance by the state of the cryptor deposits.

Assistants of the legal advisers of the two departments of Seth Rozbrokfrom and Jason Gonzalez also called for the leadership for two working days to send written confirmation of compliance with the requirements of the regulator.

They reserved the right to take additional steps if they consider it appropriate.

“These statements [on the Bitcoin will reverse protection of deposits] are false and misleading. Based on the information we have today, they were relied by customers who placed their funds in Voyager and lost direct access to them ”, – The letter says.

The crypto brief was posted on the site, in the mobile application and social networks of the following content:

  • Voyager is included in the FDIC deposit insurance system;
  • Clients who invested in the Voyager cryptocurrency platform will receive insurance coverage of the federal corporation for all funds provided by the cryptocurler;
  • FDIC will insure customers from bankruptcy Voyager.

The Voyager website says that Clients in Fiat are located in Metropolitan Commercial Bank, which is part of the FDIC system. Funds for up to $ 250,000 are insured.

The Metropolitan Commercial Bank says that the bank is conducting an “Omnibus account intended for Voyager customers”. Assets on it are insured by the federal corporation, but the coating is available “exclusively to protect against bankruptcy” of a credit institution.

Recall that the study of FDIC activities Voyager Digital became known on July 8.

On July 5, the Voyager Digital cryptocurrency broker filed a bankruptcy petition for New York. The alleged obligations of the company are from $ 1 billion to $ 10 billion if there are about 100,000 customers.

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